Frequently Asked Questions

How will the AssistMePro partnership benefit me?

Whether a company seeking increased efficiency and profitability or an individual pursuing personal freedoms, AssistMePro partners to complete tedious and often time consuming tasks that detract from time and work that normally brings you or your company the greatest return on investment.

How does the mutual expectations process benefit me?

You specify the project tasks; we verify that we understand expectations and then outline a tentative project timeline and couple it with a project quote.

How do I contact my AssistMePro?

While AssistMePro communicates via skype, email, chat or phone, preference is via email, as this will maximize the time spent working toward project fulfillment.

How long until my service starts?

AssistMePro responds within one business day of receiving your request. Once mutual expectations are set, work commences at your specification.

How many hours can my AssistMePro work?

Our minimum is 10 hours per week. Additional team members are assigned for increased workload requests.

What measures do you take to protect my privacy?

AssistMePro takes your privacy seriously, employing firewalls, workstation logins and internet restriction policies. Workstations are also secured with anti-virus protection. The AssistMePro office is also secure with security personnel and security cameras. Additionally, AssistMePro prohibits cell phones, USB or other outside writing materials on the operations floor.