Privacy Policy

AssistMePro is committed in keeping information of its clients private and confidential.

  • Why we ask. In order to offer the best service, it is necessary for AMP to acquire specific information about its clients. General information such as full name, home or office address, telephone or mobile number and email address are being asked by AMP to provide proper and necessary communication for the partnership and accomplish the desired task. It may be necessary to disclose certain information to AMP in order to complete a project.
  • What we do. AMP asks clients to submit a virtual form and provide accurate, current and complete information necessary for a project. All information submitted is strictly confidential and will only be used for purposes agreed upon established in the work agreement. Since AMP takes your privacy seriously, AMP also employs firewalls, workstation logins and internet restriction policies in the work area. Workstations are also secured with anti-virus protection. The office is secured with security personnel and security cameras. Moreover, AMP prohibits the use of mobile phones, USB or other external writing devices on the operations floor.
  • What we won't do. AMP respects clients’ private information. All data provided will not be disclosed, sold, rented or shared to any third party and will be honored even after the termination of the agreement unless with prior consent from the client. Exemptions are to be adhered to if:
    1. Mandated by government authorities with legal requirements
    2. It poses a threat to AMP’s operations or harm to AMP’s crew and clients
    3. It is necessary to complete a service or task by client request